Before you travel to the UK

When you arrive for UK study, you may be asked to produce health certificates detailing your vaccinations. If you are coming from a tuberculosis (TB) high-risk area, a chest x-ray report may also be required. It’s a good idea to carry these documents in your hand luggage, as you may have to show them before passing through UK immigration.


Health services for UK international students

You may be entitled to free or subsidised treatment in the UK under the National Health Service (NHS). Your UK course needs to be at least six months in duration to be eligible, although free emergency treatment may be available if you are here for less time.


Contacting Home

While you’re studying in the UK you’ll want to find the cheapest and most convenient way of calling friends, family and tutors back home. There are several ways to save money when calling international numbers from the UK, and we’ve rounded up the best of them.

  1. The cheapest method is to use a mobile phone or a laptop which can connect to the internet and then install an app like Skype.  If your call destination also has a Skype connection then the service will be free. If you call a telephone then you will be charged.
  2. If you have a mobile phone then the UK offers plenty of SIM Cards which allow international calling.  Some common International Calling SIM Cards are: 3 Mobile International Calls, O2 International SIM, Orange Call Abroad, T-Mobile International Pass and Vodafone Call Abroad.  You only need one of these SIM Cards and it can be obtained on the high street or online.
  3. International Calling cards are another option.  They are purchased from a local shop and can cost from £1 – £10.  The more you pay the more minutes you will be given.  You will require a telephone to use the International Calling card.


Travel in the UK

The most common methods of travel in the UK for an International Student is using the public bus service or in London the tube service.  There are also trains available if you a bus service or tube service is not appropriate.

The transport system in the UK is very good.  Each bus stop has a timetable which shows the route of the bus and the time of departure.  You can also get a bus map from the bus station.  In some areas in the UK the bus timetable is also available as an app on the smartphone.

Use the transport for london website for london travel.  Use the local transport service website for travel elsewhere in the UK.

Students are entitled to student discounts for travel. Information about travel discounts can be obtained by contacting us.

Cycle lanes are available throughout the UK and with all the congestion in places around the UK, cycling can not only be the cheapest methods of transport but in some cases can be the fastest.


Airport to your Accommodation

Make sure you have the address of your accommodation.  If you are staying in London use the TFL (Transport for London) website to see how to get from the airport to your accommodation.  If you are staying elsewhere in the UK you will need to find the website for your area in the UK.  You can do this by contacting us.

Taxis are also available but should be avoided as they can be costly.  Also minicab services are available and can cost between £15 and £50+ depending on the distance from the airport.  Minicab services are normally telephone operated and you will have to call them to book there services.

Some universities and colleges will provide a meet and greet service.  This is where the college or university will provide transportation for you to your accommodation. You should contact them for further information.

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